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The most popular choice by far. Embroidery is durable professional looking and extremely cost effective. Minimum requirements are low and set up costs are inexpensive. It is ideal for logos with multiple colors.


The oldest of decoration forms is ideal for large logos on garments such as t-shirts. Cotton fabrics are ideal for screenprinting however other fabrics like polar fleece are not suitable. Each colour in the design requires a separate screen which dictates the set up costs for screenprinting. It is particularly cost effective for larger runs of garments.

Heat Press

Heat press decoration uses transfers of pre cut vinyl film to apply designs to garments. Each garment can have unique decoration (eg a name or number). Heat Press is a cost effective and highly durable process and is used extensively for sporting uniforms where each garment requires a different name and number.


The latest decoration method that has been developed within the garment industry. The method involves printing a computer generated design with special inks which is then transferred into the faric of the garment. This process allows for anything that can be generated on a computer to be printed onto garments. The design options are endless and also allows for the whole garment to be printed. Colours, logos, names and numbers can all be added with no increase in costs. Talk to our design team about the endless opportunities that sublimation provides.

Custom Made

Hills Uniforms Australia can custom make to your specifications. Whilst we have a large range of off the shelf products we can also adapt these garments to your unique requirements if necessary. Our design team can work closely with you to create a look that will be only yours.


Our warehousing facility is a progressive and unique offering in our industry. We can assist companies to control their uniform needs and supply on an as needs basis. Customers can also utilise our stock control system ensuring your uniforms are always available when you need them most.


Hills Uniforms Australias design team can help you create the look that you require. If you already have a logo we can recommend the right garments along with the best method to use. If you have an idea only our designers can assist you to turn that idea into a working concept that will be unique to you and your company.

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